Tips for Effective Time Management That Really Work

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Mon, 22-Aug-2022

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time." - Jim Rohn

Let’s unpack a very typical scenario. You wake up bright and optimistic every morning. You fill in your ‘to-do list’ with all the chores you want to accomplish on that particular day. You even reach your office with immense zeal and enthusiasm. And the next thing you notice is that the clock strikes 7 and it’s almost time for you to head home. When you take a look at your task list, almost half the items are still pending, waiting for you to pay them some much-needed attention. 

Now you carry forward today’s tasks to tomorrow, and so on and so forth. If unfortunately, something urgent crops up, you end up working overtime or on weekends. Does this sound like you? Well, it’s not that you are overloaded with work. In reality, you are not able to effectively manage your time. 

You can reclaim the calmness that was once present in your life by managing your time with a few simple tips rather than letting it manage you. What are they? Keep reading and we will tell you all about it. 

What Is Time Management? 

To define time management, it is the process of how you organize and divide your tasks between various activities so that you are able to accomplish all you set out to do, including setting some time for yourself. 

Why Is Time Management Important? 

You need effective time management in life because this helps you prioritize your tasks and divide them accordingly, which enables you to reach your goals faster. When you manage your time effectively, you will also be able to notice new opportunities that arise and will be able to aid your growth effortlessly. 

Effective time management also curbs any procrastination and keeps away any distractions as well. Here, you take control of the time so you get the work done easily.

How Can I Improve My Time Management Skills? 

Time management benefits all aspects of your life, right from professional to personal. It helps you strike a work-life balance and ensures you enjoy each task you are working on. So, how can you improve your time management skills? Take a look. 

Top 10 Time Management Tips 

  1. Have A Calendar 

Your memory is probably super sharp, but why do you need the unnecessary stress of remembering all the important dates? Instead, use a calendar where you can punch in the deadlines for the projects or assignments. Now, the next step here is to plan ahead. Make sure you set each milestone in the calendar and you also include fun activities that you want to do. It is always important to set aside some time for yourself. 

  1. Try To Work on Your Preferred Schedule 

Are you a night owl or a morning person? Because figuring out your preferred schedule will help you work better and faster. This is especially vital for important projects so you can do your best. 

  1. Plan Ahead 

Now, there are a few tasks that differ on a daily basis, and that’s understandable. But there are projects that require weeks and even months to accomplish. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead. Always have a set of yearly goals in place. This can include both personal and professional ones. 

Now, divide these goals into months and weeks and allot a feasible amount of time for each goal. Why this helps is that you already know what you are supposed to do each month and each week, so there is no additional stress here. 

  1. Daily Task List

When it comes to your daily schedule, even here it is best to plan ahead, which means the night before. Go through your weekly list, and see what you are supposed to do on that particular day. Then add all the other tasks you must accomplish the next day and make a list, dividing them priority-wise.

  1. Prioritize 

To ensure you effectively manage the tasks is to set a to-do list where the most important tasks take precedence over the less important ones. So, ask yourself what you need to accomplish first and what can wait, and set your task list for the day accordingly. 

  1. Always Keep Aside Some Time for Yourself 

One of the mistakes we make while making a task list is not penciling in some ‘me time.’ You need to always set aside some time for yourself, not to accomplish any goals, but just to spend some time with your thoughts and some productive conversations. 

  1. Always Plan for Interruptions 

Things don’t always happen the way you want them to and that’s life. So, it is always best to set aside some time for any interruptions. So, let’s say, you are setting aside 2 hours for a task, you can keep 2.5. This is especially necessary if you work in an office set-up or if you have a family with you at home if you work from home. Now, even if you are being interrupted for a conversation or two. You know it’s all as per the plan. 

  1. Never Procrastinate 

This tip is obvious but also a very important one. Don’t give in to the need to procrastinate. When the deadline is too close, you tend to feel stressed and anxious and it can hamper your other chores as well. Instead, spend the right amount of time on that particular time and get it done as per your schedule. 

  1. Spend Time Wisely

Now, let’s say you are reading a book, maybe about time management. You probably are unable to move forward with the book because of time constraints. But you can read the book in a plethora of scenarios. During your lunch break, during your commute, during the coffee break, and so on and so forth. This was just an example. There can be other minute tasks that require minimal time, you can do them here.

  1.  Always Have Realistic Goals 

This is one mistake most of us are guilty of. When you are creating a ‘to-do list’ or your ‘yearly plan,’ make sure your plan is realistic and something that can be accomplished. Let’s say, you need at least 2-3 hours for a particular chore. So, make sure you add an additional 15-20 minutes and then calculate. Just don’t take up too much on your plate, which you will have to shift to the next day. This will only disrupt your plan. 

These were a few basic tips on how you can effectively manage your time. If you want to dig deep and learn more in detail, you can always join our online course. To explore all that we have to offer, click here