What are Corporate Etiquettes and Its Importance?

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Tue, 23-Aug-2022

Corporate or Business etiquette is a set of rules that are in place to ensure a seamless interaction in a business setting. These rules are social and professional, which can be instrumental in helping you carve a name for yourself and advance in your career. 

When you apply the right corporate etiquette in your career, you will be able to present yourself in a dignified manner and make a powerful yet long-lasting impression on people. 

So, let’s take a look at all the basics when it comes to corporate etiquette and the benefits it fetches you. Read ahead! 

What is Corporate Etiquette

As aforementioned, corporate or business etiquette is a set of rules for a professional setting on how you interact with people within your business and other companies, including suppliers, customers, employees, and more. 

Types Of Business Etiquettes

Let’s understand the different types of business etiquette.

Workplace Etiquette 

Workplace etiquette is a set of rules on how you are supposed to behave in an office setting. However, the company culture differs from one organization to another. So, it’s always important to pay attention to the standard company rules. 

For instance, let’s say your previous organization was pet-friendly. So, you would take your dog to the workplace every now and then. But the organization you are working with now strictly prohibits bringing pets to work. Therefore, you cannot assume every company has the same set of rules. So, make sure you always read the handbook to avoid any blunders. 

Meet Etiquette at Work 

If you have lunch meetings or office dinners, there are dining etiquettes one must follow. These are a set of very simple rules that we must otherwise also follow. It makes you look well-mannered and respectful. Some of the rules include: 

  • Always put your napkin on your lap once you sit at the table  

  • When you order, keep an eye on the pricing as it must be in a similar range to everyone else at the table 

  • Wait till everyone at the table receives their food 

  • Never chew with your mouth open 

  • If you wish to call the server, do it politely and never snap your fingers

  • After the meal, always keep the used napkin on the left of the plate

Maintaining Professionalism 

Being professional means being pleasant, friendly, and keeping the office environment productive. Here, it includes a set of unsaid rules that one should follow as professional etiquettes 

  • Always be punctual.

  • Keep calm even during stressful or heated situations.

  • Always keep your commitment.

  • Be flexible once in a while. For instance, sometimes given the situation or need of the hour you should stay late or come to the office early, be accommodating and extend a helping hand to the team to achieve the deadline. 

  • Be diplomatic in your workplace. Maybe you will get along with some of your peers easily while few of you would want to keep your distance. Always be amicable. 

  • Take constructive criticism and use it for your growth. 

Communication Etiquette 

Communication can make or break business relationships. Therefore, it is always important to be mindful. Some of the things you must follow include:

  • Always speak politely

  • Show interest in a conversation 

  • Offer a handshake and make eye contact when you greet someone

  • Give your complete attention to the person you are talking to

  • Always ask before you schedule meetings and make sure you conclude it within the given time frame 

  • Never make personal comments, such as complimenting someone's appearance 

Importance of Business Etiquette

Now that you know about the types of corporate etiquette, let’s understand its importance. 

  • It keeps the atmosphere professional and friendly 

  • People feel respected and this helps enhance productivity. 

  • Since you treat people well, it makes people build trust and understanding  

  • You are easily able to build business relationships as people see you as someone respectful 

  • It improves communication, both in-person and digital 

  • Since you learn to remain calm, you are able to handle difficult situations without breaking a sweat and trust

Benefits of Professional Business Etiquette

Take a look at how professional business etiquette can benefit you. 

  • It helps you build better relationships with co-workers and clients 

  • It helps you enhance your business growth as professionalism is always appreciated 

  • It helps you make a good impression on your co-workers and clients 

Now you know why corporate etiquette training matters and how it can actually benefit your personal growth. If you want to unpack more, don’t hesitate. Join our courses to embrace corporate etiquette in every aspect of your professional life.