Top 10 Skills Every Sales Manager Should Have in 2022 for a Successful Career

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Wed, 07-Sep-2022

A sales manager influences the growth and revenue of an organization. But, who do you think is suitable for the role of sales manager? Someone with the highest record of sales? Actually, that’s not the right answer! 

A sales manager is someone who not only drives the team to record the best sales each year, but also leads, mentors, and motivates the team. A sales manager can impeccably meet customer acquisition and revenue growth with the right set of strategies. So, if your next step is to become a sales manager, the skills below are something you must possess. Read on!

  1. Ability to Forecast Sales Goals Based on Analytics 

As a sales manager, analytics must be your strongest suit. You will have to go through all the previous sales data and review them thoroughly to set sales goals for the team for the current year. You will also be required to conduct foolproof market research and identify potential customers who can help meet the sales targets. 

It may sound quite simple but a guessing game won’t work. With the help of your analytics skills, you will have to conduct the right sales forecast and prepare strategies to fulfil the main objectives you have set.

  1. Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills to Implement Sales Plans 

As a manager, you are the person who is responsible for all the thinking, planning, and strategizing. The amalgamation of these three points will ensure the desired outcome. Here, you will have to take all the previous and current data to formulate the right plan of action from start to finish and guide your team to work towards a common goal. 

  1. Ability to Coach, Mentor, and Motivate Salespeople 

Let’s take a look back. You must have had a boss that you looked up to. The reason for this could be their strong mentorship. So, as a sales manager, you are the leader of the team. Hence, it is important to coach, mentor, and motivate your team from time to time. 

As a sales manager, you will be involved in the day-to-day proceeding of the workspace along with working towards the big picture. So, you will have to provide your team with the right guidance to ensure you meet the goals. 

  1. Ability to Delegate Responsibilities

Maybe you have always been on a one-member team, but it must change as soon as you become a sales manager because you must walk with the team. So, the mark of a good manager is the ability to delegate responsibility. 

Make sure you don’t burden yourself with unnecessary responsibility and focus on leading the team. Always divide the work between everyone and keep some for yourself so you have time to plan and navigate the team. 

 And if you have a habit of micromanaging things, then remember, it can hamper productivity and stress your team out unnecessarily. It is one thing you must avoid. 

  1. Ability to Lead

As a leader, your first responsibility is to lead the team towards success. Remember, you cannot garner success for yourself without walking together with the team as a sales manager. 

You must always keep your calm in stressful situations and make sure you help your team cope with any pressure. Always be compassionate and empathetic so you understand any challenges the team is facing and handle these concerns with the right solutions and strategies. 

  1. Ability to Communicate

If you are not able to put your point forward in front of the team or the clients, how will you meet the goals? As a sales manager, it is crucial that your communication skills are impeccable. 

You should be able to easily convey your thoughts, vision, strategies, and goals,  to the team so they understand exactly what you need. 

Communication also helps you delegate the tasks, acquire customers, and build a sense of loyalty with the team and the clientele. 

  1. Organizational skills

A sticky note here, a reminder on your phone, and things haphazardly scribbled will not help you! As a sales manager, you must have wonderful organizational skills. Your yearly, quarterly, and monthly plans should be maintained in the right way. 

Today, there are tools like Google Sheets, Trello, and more that can help you plan your tasks, share goals with your team, and track progress easily. This also helps keep you calm as you are able to plan your day in a better manner. 

  1. Closing skills

Sometimes, when you are dealing with tough clients, your team may need you to step in and seal the deal. And when it comes to closing skills, you must have the right skill set so you can adapt to any situation. 

Remember, sales closing is an art and although you have talent, as a Sales Manager, you must be well-versed with this art to lead the team. 

  1. Ability to motivate salespeople

Any leader, who is in a managerial position must have the ability to motivate the team. It is human to feel the blues every now and then. But when that’s not tackled then and there, it becomes a frequent occurrence. So, regularly motivate the team, appreciate their efforts, give them tips and tricks to handle the situations better, and be there for the team. 

  1. Social selling skills

Social selling skills are when you use social media channels to engage and convert potential leads. For this, you must become digitally savvy and inculcate the right set of skills to use social media platforms to their fullest. 

Do you have what it takes to become a sales manager?

Sales managers play a key role in ensuring the entire team is doing the best job. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand and develop the right set of skills so you not only enhance the overall team’s performance but also reach heights in your own career. 

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