Why Is Customer Service Important? What Are Customer Service Skills

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Thu, 29-Sep-2022

Any business is incomplete without its consumers. Did you know? 89% of consumers will return for another purchase if they encounter a positive customer experience. Customer service is imperative because it serves as a direct link between your consumers and the business. It not only helps you retain your consumers and turn them into loyal ones but can also help you draw more value from them. When you invest in customer service and develop the right skills it will bring in positive testimonials and help you acquire new consumers easily. Read ahead to know more. 

What is customer service?

Customer service means the support you offer your customer. This can be before, during or after they purchase your product or service. When you offer excellent customer service, it makes customers want to come back to you. Statistics show If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with a company again after a mistake.

Why Is Customer Service Important? 

Customer services help you stay ahead of your competition. It is a critical service that can set you apart. Let’s take an example. There are two grocery stores near your home. Both are right next to where you live. Both stores offer the same stuff. But, one store ensures to add a personal touch with every purchase. He talks to the consumers with a smile on his face. Helps them out without any irritation and is always around when you need anything. But in the second store, the customer service offered by store one is missing. You are most likely to choose store one. This is why customer service is important. Good customer service offers an overall pleasant purchase experience. 

What Are Customer Service Skills

Good customer service is the holy grail of any business. It gives you the power to succeed. Flawless customer service skills will not only impress your customers but also help you grow the business. Some of the essential skills include; 

  • Persuasive Speaking Skills: You must have noticed how some salespersons speak confidently and positively with a smile on their faces. This not only makes you want to make a purchase but also offers an overall pleasant experience. This is what persuasive speaking skills do. Hence, this is why you need you and your team to master persuasive speaking skills. 

  • Empathy: One of the main customer service skills has to be empathy. This helps you understand the other person’s requirements and point of view, which is important for a business. 

  • Adaptability: When you or the team is dealing with consumers day in and day out, adaptability is an essential skill to develop. This helps you deal with tough customers too. 

  • Patience: Not all consumers are easy. It is important to maintain a level of patience, without it getting to you. It is an essential customer skill. 

  • Time Management: Time is vital especially when you are facing customers. When there are multiple people vying for your time, managing them all without hampering your business is an important skill. 

  • Knowledge: Know what you are selling. It is important to know anything and everything related to the service or the product you are offering your consumers. Let’s say, a customer asks you a question about the product and when you don’t have an answer, you lose the customer. 

  • Admit When You Don’t Have the Answer: Never give your customers false information. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t know the answer, confidently tell them that you will get back to them or connect them with a senior. 

  • Be A Good Listener: If you don’t listen, you won’t be able to understand your customer well. Therefore, always be a good listener and be attentive while facing the customer. 

How to Improve Customer Service Skills

Now that you are familiar with the set of skills required for customer service, let’s understand how you can improve them. Some of the things you can try are; 

  • Always focus on the speaker 

  • Make sure you ask the right set of questions to clarify any doubts you may have 

  • Finish the conversation with a quick summary of what you understood to ensure everyone is on the same page

  • Always see the problem or the requirement from a customer’s viewpoint 

  • Try to imagine how you make them feel

  • Use positive verbs, be authentic and try to be memorable 

  • Always stay calm even when the customer is angry 

  • Be solution focused 

  • Have a will to learn 

Customer service is an essential skill that you must have when you are a part of a business. It helps spread the good word about your business and you will also gain consumers from referrals and recommendations. To ensure you are well-versed with all the skills, make sure you join our course today! Our customer service course is a comprehensive one that helps you acquire all the necessary skills to deal with consumers in the best way possible.