Top 5 Platforms to Upskill Yourself in 2022

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Mon, 30-Aug-2021

The corporate world has become fiercely competitive, especially for new graduates seeking entrance. This competition is similarly faced by those seeking to increase their career portfolios with a bigger role. The need to upskill is thus a trending one. Either as a job seeker or an employee that desires career growth, you need to increase your skillset. 

Where to upskill then becomes an important question. This article is specifically written to answer your question on the platforms for upskilling. These are the top 5 places where you can get the next skills needed for your career progression: 


Founded by  Oktay Çağlar, Gagan Biyani, Eren Bali in 2010, Udemy has become a top Massive Open Online Course provider. There have been over 600 million course enrollments on the Udemy platform since its inception. The courses are mainly focused on job-related skills and are taught by corporate trainers. It is a popular spot for upskilling as the courses are taught in over 75 languages. 

Udemy as an upskilling platform is available on both iOS and Android devices as a mobile application. The tool also offers courses targeted at business on Udemy for Business. This also offers corporate organizations the chance to host corporate training for their employees. Udemy offers cheap courses and a certificate of completion


Created by MIT and Havard scientists in May 2012. edX is also a Massive Open Online Courses provider that offers mainly university-level courses. In 2014, edX launched into professional educational courses and it partnered with Microsoft in 2015. Later on, in 2018, it partnered with Tech Mahindra to train the workforce on tech skills. It is a good upskilling platform for tech-focused employees. 

Courses on edX are offered in a weekly learning sequence. The learning is made up of videos and interactive exercises. The model is similar to a small on-campus discussion group. The edX for business is an upskilling platform for corporate organizations. But it, unfortunately, does not offer the courses directly to individuals. It focuses more on university-level courses for individuals. 


This upskilling and learning platform was created in 2012 as well by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Both of them were Computer Science professors at Stanford University. It is also a Massive Open Online Course provider based in the United States. As of 2021, it was estimated that over 4,000 courses are offered on Coursera by over 150 Universities. 

Coursera has professional certification programs by Googe which is accepted as an equivalent of a four-year degree. This is a super chance to upgrade your qualification. These certifications are offered in subject areas like Data Analytics, UX Design, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Data Science, and IT Support. 


This Mumbai-based Edtech is mainly focused on online undergraduate and postgraduate learning. It is a good platform to get an additional degree for career transition. It partners with top universities like The University of Arizona, Liverpool John Moores, University of Maryland, Deakin University, and lots more. It was founded by Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravijot Chugh in 2015

Upgrad offers MBA programs for working professionals. It also has free courses with certifications. These courses are completed within hours and in areas like Introduction to Data Analytics, Programming with Python, Introduction to Database Design, and more. These courses are basic introductory courses that are not in-depth. 


This is an upskilling tool by a top corporate training provider in India, Innoserve. iSkillBox is a learning platform that is mainly focused on providing you with industry-specific skillset development. Innoserve has been in the corporate training industry since 2013, with partnerships with over 300 corporate organizations in India. The courses offered are taught by industry experts. This is the exact place for individuals to upskill for career growth in varying niches. 

iSkillBox also offers organizations a place to host and customize training for their workforce. Individuals get the opportunity to get themselves trained for corporate success with courses around IT, Digital Marketing, Leadership, and other soft skills. More offerings on this upskilling tool are Training Need Analysis Tool, Knowledge Assessment Engine, Learning Management System as a SaaS, and the Custome Course Development tool. 

Ready to Upskill? 

There is no time to waste, millions of people are getting new skills and certifications online daily. Looking to move your career forward? iSkillBox offers the best individual training focused on building skills for a successful career. There are options with Udemy, Coursera, edX, and short free courses on Upgrad. But for industry-specific upskilling, the sure place is with iSkillBox.