Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

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Mon, 10-Oct-2022

Public speaking skills are crucial for a successful career. It is the aptitude to effectively address an audience with confidence. When you equip yourself with public speaking skills, it allows you to communicate with clarity and enables you to put your thoughts forward with ease. The primary difference between casual conversation and public speaking is that the latter is usually presented to influence, entertain or convey information. 

In today’s article, we discuss the essential tips you must know about public speaking skills and also help you improve your public speaking skills with ease. 

What makes an effective public speaker?

Public speaking is an art. Just like you have to work on any other talent, you must put work into being an effective public speaker. Below, we tell you all the components necessary for public speaking. 

What are the 7 public speaking elements?

The main elements that go into successful public speaking include; 

  1. Articulation 

When we speak about articulation, people always confuse it with big words and jargon and that’s where you are wrong. The first step to becoming a great public speaker is to connect with your audience. Hence, you must always use simple language to convey your message in a clear manner. 

  1. Never Use Filler Words 

Most of us have a habit of using words or phrases to fill in the blank space while we are speaking with filler words, such as ‘umm,’ ‘like,’ ‘so,’ ‘you know,’ and ‘ah.’ While it works during a casual conversation, you must avoid it during public speaking. Using filler words shows poor communication. 

  1. Enunciate Well 

When speaking on a public platform, it is important to ensure that your audience understands whatever you are saying. When words are misheard, they can affect the information or message you are trying to convey. 

Therefore, make sure you enunciate well. This is another important element of public speaking. To make sure your speech is clear and concise, you can try using tongue twisters, such as ‘Susie works in a shoeshine shop. Where she shines, she sits, and where she sits, she shines.’ 

  1. Tone Of Voice 

Good speech needs a proper tone of voice. Your voice should be audible and must not be lost in non-verbal communication. Finally, make sure to prompt the message of sleep. 

  1. Confidence

As a public speaker, you must exude confidence. That’s what keeps the audience hooked. You must also make your audience feel secure and comfortable listening to your speech and trusting the information you are sharing. 

  1. Body Language 

Let’s say, you hear someone speak about something serious. But their body language feels very cheerful. Seems out of place, right? This is why body language is important when you are speaking. 

  1. Great Opening 

Finally, always have a great opening to your speech. You only have about 2 minutes to capture your audience’s attention. If that doesn’t happen, they tend to lose interest. 

So, these are the seven main elements that you must learn to perfect your public speaking. 

What are the strategies for effective speaking?

Plan Well 

Before you get on stage, proper planning should take place to ensure you give a flawless speech. Write down your speech or the key points to be covered. Make sure you come up with a powerful opening. For example, you can start with storytelling or by sharing a relevant real-life experience to gain the attention of your audience. 


To become an effective public speaker, make sure you practice well. You can speak in front of your friends or even use a mirror. In fact, you can record it on your phone and see what changes can be made. 

Engage With Your Audience 

Keeping your audience engaged is exceptionally important because they are hooked on every word you speak. For instance, you can ask your audience questions.

Top 10 tips to improve your Public Speaking Skills

Now, it’s time to tell you how you can improve your public speaking skills. They are easy and with little effort, you will be able to embark on a journey where you speak seamlessly. 

  1. Know Your Audience Before You Prepare

You cannot use the same strategies for everyone. For instance, there is going to be a vast difference when addressing school kids and employees of an organization. So, always identify the audience before you start preparing for the speech.

  1. Master The Skill of Writing

For public speaking, you need to curate a perfect speech to lure in the audience. So, to do this, you need to master the art of writing speeches. 

  1. Watch Videos 

Today, you can easily go online and look at great speakers talking about a plethora of topics. See what works and what’s making their speech so special. Make notes if necessary and try them in your speech. 

  1. Read Out Loud 

Reading out loud helps you with the pronunciation of words. So, you can try reading a newspaper every day. 

  1. Expanding Vocabulary

A robust vocabulary is necessary when you speak on a public platform. Reading books, newspapers, or even blogs can help you expand your vocabulary and grow your hold on that particular subject. 

  1. Imitate 

If you think your speaking skills are not up to the mark, imitate conversations you hear on television or online videos to improve your speaking skills. 

  1. Use Technology 

Today, there are several apps that help you talk to native speakers or brush up on your language skills. Spending just a few minutes on it will help you elevate your speaking skills. 

  1. Self-talk 

We all have inner conversations from time to time. Make sure you talk to yourself loudly when you are alone to work on your pronunciation. 

  1. Join A Course

Finally, the best way to enhance your public speaking skills is to ensure you have a professional to steer you in the right direction. 

If you are looking for professional  guidance from the subject matter expert, join our course today!