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What You'll Learn

In this fast-paced world, everyone is rushing to get what they want and not keeping their mental and physical health in good shape.
The most important things to do well in life are to have a strong mind and a healthy body. Our mind and body are the tools we use every day to achieve our dreams and reach our full potential.
Using simple techniques that can be used anywhere and at any time, will give you a new way to deal with the hard things in life and change your mindset from facing life experiences to enjoying life experiences by working on the areas of your life that are out of balance.
The benefits of this programme apply to all areas of life, including relationships, work, personal, mental, physical, spirituality, and meditation.

Course Curriculum

    • Setting up intention, Bringing intention to life

    • Understand how stress and Anxiety influence our layers of being, How to relieve stress and anxiety with simple yoga postures, Use breathing techniques to feel good

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • Understanding deeper beliefs which are holding you back, Understanding the root of resistance

    • Thought awareness, Feeling awareness

    • Creating stronger beliefs, Conscious self-inquiry, Small daily adjustments, Letting go relaxation

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • The eightfold path of self-understanding the mind and self by ancient texts of Patanjali of Yoga sutras, Soothing the senses, Grounding meditation

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • Breath self-analysis, Connecting to your life energy, Mindful eating, 16-point relaxation

    • Becoming aware of your mind and emotions at work, Finding deeper roots to work stress, Fourfold path to work

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • Relationship to yourself, Self-loving yoga poses, Connect to the energy of love, Self-resilience in relationships

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • Harness your emotional power, Steps to calm down your emotional response, Being in the present movement

    • Doubts' Clearing

    • Leading a stress-free life, Life wheel, Becoming accountable to your life

    • Doubts' Clearing


  • Able to balance your life with a personalized holistic plan


The course can be accessed with the live recording

This learning is interactive and will involve various activities to bring about learning.


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